Variable Auto Transformer – Open      Type
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Variable Auto Transformer –      Motorized
 Servo Controlled Stabilizer
Servo Controlled Stabilizer - Oil      Cooled
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 Step Up / Down Transformer
 Servo Controlled Rectifiers
 Three Phase Oil Cooled
Three Phase Oil Cooled Variable      Transformer with Tank
DC Variable Power Supply
Current Injection Kit

Variable Auto Transformer –Open Type

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We undertake the fabrication of a large assortment of variable auto transformers -open type utilizing premium grade material, components, and technology. The variable transformers impart an adjustable output voltage where constant regulation of AC Voltages with load is required. These transformers’ range vary from 2 amps to 300 amps in single coil and above 300 amps with ganged coil,  and we also develop auto transformer upto 60 amps both in oil cooled and air cooled models and above 60 amps in oil cooled type only. The normal output range is 0 to 270 volt in single phase and 0 to 470 volt in two and three phases.

We supply higher output voltage transformers in single, two or phase according to customer’s requirements with properties like motorization, ammeter, etc. The entire range of variable auto transformers are tested as per IS 5142. Our large array of variable auto transformer -open type is ideal for educational institutions with all terminations setup outside. We make these variable auto transformers – open type available at industry-competitive rates for the customers.