Variable Auto Transformer – Open      Type
Variable Auto Transformer - Box      Type
Variable Auto Transformer –      Motorized
 Servo Controlled Stabilizer
Servo Controlled Stabilizer - Oil      Cooled
Isolation Transformer
 Step Up / Down Transformer
 Servo Controlled Rectifiers
 Three Phase Oil Cooled
Three Phase Oil Cooled Variable      Transformer with Tank
DC Variable Power Supply
Current Injection Kit

Servo Controlled Rectifiers

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We are the manufacturers of servo controlled rectifiers specifically designed for educational institutions. We produce these in deferent ranges of current capacity having input voltage of three phase 415 V AC and output range of 200-250 V DC. The Servo controlled rectifiers are available with double wound step down transformers, voltmeter, ammeter, over load protection, individual indicators for output and input, single phase preventer (optional), ripple free frequency, with powder coated metal enclosure comprising wheel for smooth transportations.

These servo controlled rectifiers are provided in different technical attributes for the customer at industry-competitive rates. We make prompt supply and provide assistance in installation as well.