Variable Auto Transformer – Open      Type
Variable Auto Transformer - Box      Type
Variable Auto Transformer –      Motorized
 Servo Controlled Stabilizer
Servo Controlled Stabilizer - Oil      Cooled
Isolation Transformer
 Step Up / Down Transformer
 Servo Controlled Rectifiers
 Three Phase Oil Cooled
Three Phase Oil Cooled Variable      Transformer with Tank
DC Variable Power Supply
Current Injection Kit

Servo Controlled Stabilizer

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We provide servo controlled voltage stabilizer units that can be used for protecting expensive equipments within an industrial environment and for protecting household and office appliances and machines. We impart Servo Controlled Stabilizers of 1 KVA to any capacity as per the customers’ needs. Also, double wounded transformers up to 5 KVA can be imparted and the result would be compact and best functional unit. Our automatic voltage stabilizer or electronic stabilizer series is available from 1 KVA to any capacity in oil cooled and air cooled models. These stabilizers are even available in single phase 170V to 270V and in two and three phases in 300V to 470V. Also, we can supply Non Standard Stabilizers as per the specifications of our clients.

We provide servo voltage stabilizers in India and overseas that are known for their quality, effective functioning, and lasting service-life. These are provided to the clients at effective and competitive prices.