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Servo Controlled Stabilizer - Oil Cooled

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Voltage stabilizers are utilized for providing a regulated AC voltage to equipments which are not tolerant of line voltage variations or in installations where unacceptable line voltage variations exist. The single phase air cooled stabilizers and three phase air cooled stabilizers are developed for operating reliably within most adverse conditions. All our provided stabilizers have been are designed for full power throughout and 24 hour constant operation. These stabilizers are absolutely self-contained and enclosed units. The enclosures, fabricated as per international standards, have been designed for indoor usage but are modifiable, and for outside use in most climates. Indoor units such as air conditioner voltage stabilizers have been developed for fitting through standard doors and equipped with casters for mobility. The stabilizers consist of most advanced design of buck/boost transformers and regulators. All these critical components are precisely designed, fabricated and tested for meeting the highest standards. Depending upon power requisites, we, Sabtron Transformers and Electro Equipments, are involved into providing a wide range of servo controlled stabilizers of any capacity in oil cooled models. The standard input range is in single phase 170V to 270V and in two and three phases 300V to 470V. Non standard stabilizers are also supplied as per the requisite of clients.