We manufacture and supply variable motorized auto transformers. These transformers provide different sweep time for controlling speed through gears. Developed for heavy duty trouble free operations, entire components of auto transformers are fabricated for giving maximum life to the unit functioning under intense operating conditions. When repeated over loading occurs, immense care has to be taken for ensuring that adequate off time is imparted for reducing the buildup temperature. As voltage in between turns is smaller and as the brush arm is in continuous contact with more than one turn, the harmful sparking is prevented and output voltage can easily be set to fraction of a volt from zero onwards by rotation of the knob or the synchronized motor. Best copper, core selections and finest design assures user of low watt loss, in a comparison to other manufacturers. Motorized auto transformer provides an output voltage wave which is faithful to the voltage wave forms.

Furthermore, we even impart higher output voltage transformer with several features like voltmeter, motorization, ammeter, and enclosure according to client’s specifications and requisites.