Variable Auto Transformer – Open      Type
Variable Auto Transformer - Box      Type
Variable Auto Transformer –      Motorized
 Servo Controlled Stabilizer
Servo Controlled Stabilizer - Oil      Cooled
Isolation Transformer
 Step Up / Down Transformer
 Servo Controlled Rectifiers
 Three Phase Oil Cooled
Three Phase Oil Cooled Variable      Transformer with Tank
DC Variable Power Supply
Current Injection Kit

DC Variable Power Supply

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In DC variable power supply, we provide Primary variable in AC volt and Secondary variable with DC variable output. We impart AC normal voltage from 0 to 270 volt in primary side and the secondary with DC volt in 0 to 270 volt in varied capacity. These DC power supply circuits come with features like ammeter indications, volt meter, MCB protection in primary side. The variable DC power supplies are controlled by variable transformer in AC and diode, capacitors and circuits for converting DC, MCB protection in primary side, main on lamb, voltmeter, and banana terminal in output side. We even provide filtered DC power with controlled ripple current through coil capacitor circuits.

These variable DC power supply equipments/devices are provide as per the needs and purposes of the clients and available at reasonable rates that are not overburdening for client’s pocket.