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Sabtron Transformers and Electro Equipments has gained the position of a reliable and proficient manufacturer and supplier of various types of servo controlled stabilizer, auto transformer, variable DC power, servo controlled stabilizer oil cooled, step up/down transformers, isolation transformer, current injection kits, etc.

All these electrical power solutions are known for their quality, functioning capability, and lasting service-life.
Founded by Mr. Tomy P. V. Panikulangara, Sabtron believes in imparting effective business operations and transparent dealings to our associates and clients.

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Sabtron Transformers & Electro Equipments is known for manufacturing best quality, proficiently performing and lasting services-life transformers, stabilizers, current injection kit, and other electrical equipments. Available in distinctive capacities, the electrical equipments/machines are supplied to the customers according to their specific purposes. We have, so far, successfully met the needs of the clients across India and gained their trust and appreciation for our prompt and expertise products/services. Our range of products is delivered to the customers at industry-leading rates.